Helen Toth

“Evocative charm hidden in the vibrating forest that is completely without the human’s presence. It is unchangeable, fixed and without any damaging traces. To hang the soul’s bottom to the safety. To organise a colossally shining and colourfully sparkling funeral to all the dead pets.
Letting the tree branches catching and touching the power of wind and the scent of rain. When the forest breathes in it does it through colours. My current work is about the creation of forests, a place where I reflect personal stories, opinions, considerations, where concreteness is mixed with uncertainty. The forest’s important element is that I do not copy the nature on the basis of reality, but I put it together according to my own imagination. Neither of the paintings depicts the tangible forest that we know. I draw the outlines using azure strokes that are influenced by the current mood and after defining the basic and supportive composition I apply the layers of oil paint, where I alternate between blurred and sharp step by step modelling the illusion of space, undefined atmospheric landscapes while leaving the individual specific features emerging from the background. Planning the composition and the content is what fascinates me the most, as I can design the nature as I wish and is definitely without the human’s presence. Human being is not present in my paintings, cannot cut out trees, kill animals nor do any damages. In that way it creates a safe place where I can show my soul’s uncertainties. I create situations that, concerning our gravitational and physical laws, would not be able to come true in our reality. Such fragile moments which are temporary in the real world. There is a need for a shelter, a place on the Earth, where human wickedness cannot penetrate into, even if it is only in the paintings.”
2007 – 2011 School of Applied Arts in Bratislava | 2012 – 2016 Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava (Painting, IV. Atelier – prof. Ivan Csudai, akad. mal.) | 2016 – Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava (Painting, Ateliér + – XXI, Prof. Daniel Fischer, akad. mal.)
2017 Finalist in the VÚB Foundation Painting Challenge, Slovakia